Do You Know One of the Most Important Rules of SEO for Blogs?

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This is a guest post from marketing writer Matt Brennan. You can learn more about him at the end of the post.

Do You Know One of the Most Important Rules of SEO for Blogs?As business owners learn more about the rules of SEO, how to rank well in Google and the importance of content in their marketing strategy, it’s almost like a light bulb goes off in their head at some point. The thought goes something like this:

“You mean, if I use my keyword 50 times in a 400-word piece of content, Google will rank me higher?”

The answer: maybe, but not likely.

You may see some short-term benefit in your rankings, and a correlation of a bit more traffic from a strategy like this. The benefits may not be worth the risk involved, however.

Spammy, Keyword Stuffed Content Is A Thing Of The Past

You don’t get money by generating website visits. You get money by generating sales. There’s a difference.

Google is catching on to spammy, salesy content, and that added traffic is not going to pay your bills. You don’t get money by generating website visits. You get money by generating sales. There’s a difference.

Your audience is smarter than you’re giving them credit for at this point. People aren’t interested in plumbers selling plumbing services to people looking for plumbers in the Chicago area.

This type of writing is what happens when businesses act on the above impulse, and it may raise your traffic, but it can also lower your conversion rate. Remember, it’s the guy at the computer reaching for his wallet that pays your bills. If your message isn’t aimed at him, he may never reach for that wallet

No commercials

Another tendency of businesses new to producing content is to create a commercial.

No one sits down at the computer wanting to read or watch a commercial.

When it comes to television, viewers are there because they’re waiting for their favorite show to come back. No one sits down at the computer wanting to read or watch a commercial. They want value and entertainment.

When it’s your customer seeking you out, you’ll have to provide them with what they are looking for.

How do you get the attention of a perspective customer?

Well, if he’s looking for plumbing services, there’s probably a reason for it. Maybe his pipes are leaking. Maybe he wants a new bathtub fixture. There could be a number of reasons.

If it’s your blog post, or your “how to” report that they find when they do a Google search for their issue, you’ll have their attention. Valuable information builds trust.

It’s crucial to stand out from your competition. That’s why providing consistently awesome content is so important.

That’s why providing consistently awesome content is so important. It’s crucial for a plumber to offer great industry information in a way that stands out from his competition. This way, your content strategy helps distinguish your business from the other search results.

If they find your post, and they’re still looking for someone to take care of the job for them, you’re the guy who knows what he’s talking about, and that’s a pretty good place to be in a world driven by content.

The Case For Humanized Content

The bottom line of all this: one of the most important rules of SEO for blogs is to humanize your content.

Even if you’re using SEO tactics to increase your blog’s ranking, you’re better off writing for humans instead of search engines.

Search engines aren’t paying your bills, your customers are. Aim your marketing efforts at them.

Unless you’re lucky enough to count Google, Yahoo or Bing as a client, the search engines aren’t paying your bills, your customers are. That’s where your marketing efforts should stay aimed.

Instead of focusing on writing keyword-rich content for search engines, write for the humans who will become your customers. Believe it or not, even the search engines will reward you for doing so.

What are you doing to humanize your content? Has it worked?

Matt Brennan is a marketing writer helping companies increase their audience by telling better stories. He regularly provides content marketing strategies and blogging tips for businesses.

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  1. Another great article. I recently had a media company submit a horrible article to me requesting that I publish it on our highly read blog on behalf of one of their clients. Declined. Why? It was beyond spammy, loaded with duplicative keywords and empty of any energy or meaningful call to action. I provided them constructive feedback in my reply, and I hope they learn from this and take another shot at it because their client is well known. We’ll see…

    • Keith,

      I agree – Matt Brennan is an excellent and insightful writer – glad you enjoyed his post!

      I hope that your potential guest posters learn from your comments. Whether you write for businesses or consumers, being able to take constructive criticism is so important, especially if you want to get published!

      Thanks for sharing your experience.


      • Thanks guys! Glad you liked the post. That situation sounds frustrating, Keith. There’s no shortage of that type of writing floating around out there. Hopefully they learn.


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    Do You Know One of the Most Important Rules of SEO for Blogs?…

    Do you know one of the most important rules of SEO for blogs? Learn how blogging for humans will boost your online conversions (and still make search engines happy)….

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