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The “Guide to Twitter Chat” Edition

Twitter Chat

If you’ve ever been on Twitter and happen to catch a bunch of tweets which seem to be a conversation and use the same #hashtag, you’ve just experienced a Twitter chat. A Twitter chat is a scheduled (typically an hour) time when a group of Tweeps get together to discuss one particular subject whether it’s […]

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5 successful marketers reveal their favorite public relations tools

Public Relations Tools

These days, there are a lot of public relations tools online; perhaps too many. Aside from the online equivalents of traditional public relations tools such as media list, editorial calendar and press release services, there are also a plethora of social media sites, a cornucopia (sorry, Thanksgiving always brings that word back into my vocabulary) […]

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The “No Turkeys Here” Edition

No Turkeys

Happy Friday all! Hope your week has been full and productive and you’re all set to start rolling into Turkey Day! I know that a lot of us slow down around Thanksgiving, and it’s a good time to be reflective and think big thoughts (especially as you lay comatose on the couch, stuffed full of […]

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