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You Choose: “Tyranny of choice” or “Limited Selection”?


I read a thought-provoking article, “The tyranny of choice: You choose” over at the Economist today. The tagline of the article reads, “If you can have everything in 57 varieties, making decisions becomes hard work” and from that launching point you are taken through a fascinating examination of the reactions a human being experiences when […]

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Even My Wife Likes My Blog

The Family

I don’t typically talk much about my family on this blog. There’s no particular reason for this. I mean, I love my family. Between my wife, our 4 kids and me (not to mention my in-laws who moved in with us last February), we have a boisterous, rip-roaring household here and, while I sometimes use […]

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What is an online business?

Online Business

It may seem odd to ask, “What is an online business?” in this day and age, but the question popped into my head about a month ago and won’t let go. Given what I do for a living, It’s not really difficult to understand why this question is following me around however, I’m not one […]

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