Fun and Holidays

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A Chance to Win the Book That Will Help You Figure Out Small Business Finance!

Fluffy Sighting Feb 15

Nicole Fende is a small business finance expert, a coach and a good friend. Below is a chance to win her new book and, if you are reading this after the giveaway ends, check out the book anyway - you won't be disappointed. Don’t miss your chance to win a copy of Nicole Fende's new book, How to be a Finance Rock Star! All you have to do is help Nicole find Fluffy the Finance Feline, who is … [Read more...]

Web Based Software Programs for Which I am Thankful

Web Based Software Programs for Which I am Thankful

Aside from my birthday (June 15th, send gifts), Thanksgiving is my most reflective day of the year. Maybe it’s the fact that everything’s closed down for the holiday. Maybe it’s the fact that I get to catch-up with my far-flung family and friends. Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m stuffed with turkey, can’t move […]

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The “Christmas Online” Edition

Christmas Online

Well it’s Christmas Eve and, if you’re not on vacation yet, you’ll be on your way soon. A lot of folks aim to stay offline during this time of the year however, with all the great spots online, that might prove to be a mistake. Sure, you don’t have to work (but if you can’t […]

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The “I Care About My Readers on Black Friday” Edition

Black Friday

(I’m publishing this a day early because the information becomes relevant at midnight tonight.) “Black Friday” is a great day to go shopping and find deals. Unfortunately, everyone else knows that, too! Because I care about you guys, my readers, I’ve found some handy (and funny) information online for surviving the sales and the crowds […]

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Resting Turkey

Hope you’re having a peaceful and reflective day!

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The “No Turkeys Here” Edition

No Turkeys

Happy Friday all! Hope your week has been full and productive and you’re all set to start rolling into Turkey Day! I know that a lot of us slow down around Thanksgiving, and it’s a good time to be reflective and think big thoughts (especially as you lay comatose on the couch, stuffed full of […]

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