The “I Care About My Readers on Black Friday” Edition

Black Friday (I’m publishing this a day early because the information becomes relevant at midnight tonight.)

Black Friday” is a great day to go shopping and find deals. Unfortunately, everyone else knows that, too!

Because I care about you guys, my readers, I’ve found some handy (and funny) information online for surviving the sales and the crowds while still digesting your Thanksgiving feast.

Enjoy and, safe shopping!

Black Friday Stress Relief – some great tips on keeping your blood-pressure within acceptable levels.

The Field Guide to Surviving Black Friday – a very handy checklist with illustrations and full of tips and tricks.

Surviving Black Friday and Getting What You Want – any post that mentions dressing like a zombie gets my thumbs up!

Funny Money Fridays: Surviving Black Friday – this post is old so most of the links and images are broken. Still, it contains some gems.

The Black Friday Survival Guide – and finally, some seriously tongue-in-cheek advice on surviving the day.

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