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What You Can Learn About Marketing From American Idol

American Idol

  Photo courtesy of BestWDW, on Flickr Steve Faber gives us the scoop on the power of customer-driven product development (i.e. creating products your customers want!). Imagine this for a second: you're about to market a new product, but want to make sure what your customer base really wants. A good strategy, that. Too many marketers do the reverse. They zero in on a product they think … [Read more...]

I Need to Create Beautiful Website Forms

Web Forms

Question: “I need to create beautiful forms for user registration, feedback, etc. that can be highly and easily customizable. I also need the software to setup field validation and not only submit via email, but store to a database if I choose.”

This “video answer” details different ways you can use website forms as well as some of the best types and specific tools to do so.

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