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What You Can Learn About Marketing From American Idol

American Idol

  Photo courtesy of BestWDW, on Flickr Steve Faber gives us the scoop on the power of customer-driven product development (i.e. creating products your customers want!). Imagine this for a second: you're about to market a new product, but want to make sure what your customer base really wants. A good strategy, that. Too many marketers do the reverse. They zero in on a product they think … [Read more...]

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating an Information Product


In my 15+ years online, I’ve consumed a lot of information products. From ebooks to courses to membership sites and more, I’ve seen ’em come and go.  Today, there are probably more information products being offered online than ever before, with a greater number sure to come (if the growth in information products aimed at […]

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