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How to find customers – using public relations to reach your target markets where they live

How to find customers

It was early Spring, 2010 and Chief Operations Officer (COO) Manish Naik of Furnace MFG (pronounced “manufacturing”) was wondering how to find customers for his company’s vinyl pressing division. If you’re like me, the first thing that crossed your mind was, “Vinyl? Who still makes vinyl records these days?” Well, as it turns out, vinyl […]

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Brand issues – when your brand goes ‘Old Yeller’

Say Beembo

Like Old Yeller, the dog in the heart-rending tale of a beloved family pet who had to be shot when it became rabid, sometimes a brand name becomes more harm then help. Take Bimbo Bakeries, a fine purveyor of bread from Mexico. Successful in all measures of the word, they continue to hold on to […]

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