What is the Big Deal About Content Curation?

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What’s the Big Deal About Content Curation?I’ve been a fan of content curation for a long time. Why?

Because content curation:

  1. Enables me to quickly create powerful content that
  2. Brings customers to my site and
  3. Drives them to take action (like buying something or signing up for my newsletter) by building both authority and trust.

I’ve written a couple of posts about content curation in the past and now, I’ve created a course that will teach you how to curate content for your own business:

Using Content Curation to Blow Up Your Traffic, Fan, Follower and Subscriber Numbers!

You can learn all about the course by clicking the image above (you should at least watch the video on that page – it was really fun to make! 🙂 ), but that’s not the entire goal of this post.

No, in this post, I’ve used content curation to bring you a bunch of great links that will help you answer the question, “What’s the Big Deal About Content Curation?”.

So check out the links below to learn a bunch and then, when you’re convinced that content curation is something useful for your business, take a look at my course to see how it can help you get up and running with your own curating efforts.

What’s the Big Deal About Content Curation?

These posts will help you understand why so many business folks are taking interest in content curation.

Weekly Link Roundup

Weekly Link RoundupEach week, I collect the 10 best posts that I’ve read and share them with you here.

These posts focus on web-based solutions, online resources and up-to-date news for small businesses.


50 Qualities of the Best Business Blogs in the World: Great pointers plus links interspersed to some awesome posts!

10 Little Known Social Media Tools You Should Be Using — Now: Haven’t checked-in on social media tools in a while and there were some interesting ones listed in this article.

Why your online videos are failing : Interesting look at more effective alternatives to video, especially in the retail product space.

How to Boost Your E-Newsletter Clickthroughs: Basic but solid tips on making your e-mail newsletters more effective.

10 Ways to Deal With Upset Customers Using Social Media: Always a popular subject, especially in regards to social media.

Handy Apps to Revolutionize Your Business Life
: A good list of apps that let you work while you go.

6 Fatal Symptoms You’re in the Wrong Niche: Good warning signs that maybe it’s time to move on to something new.

Tapping Customers for Product Ideas: A solid case study on listening to your customers.

Facebook’s New, Entirely Social Ads Will Recreate Marketing: Very interesting look at some new Facebook innovations that are on their way.

4 Tips For Getting More Site Conversions: Conversion is the bottom-line. Here are some tips to up your website conversion rate.


  1. I’m very interested in content curation and have tried doing it a couple times on my own blog. I think curating is a great content marketing strategy. But the point is to do it right: finding, organizing, commenting and sharing various, relevant resources in a proper way.

    This is a great demonstration itself about how content curation works. Thanks for finding and organizing all these great posts on content curation. I’ll definitely check them out and learn more about it!

  2. Matt,

    Really good post on curation and most likely we will be purchasing your curation training. I’ve followed your site for a while and you provide spot on advice (always gets me to click from feedly).

    I also wanted to share with you a WordPress curation platform we built called Curation Traffic. I’d wonder what your thoughts would be about it? While I think curation is good– I think there is one glaring problem which is typically your curating on someone else’s platform… that’s ultimately why we built something that we could control and drive traffic too. You can see an example of it in action at http://www.youbrandinc.com/marketing-news

    That’s all really, keep up the great stuff and this is a really good overview and links on curation, thanks for that.


  1. BizSugar.com says:

    What’s the Big Deal About Content Curation?…

    Learn how content curation enables you to quickly create powerful content that brings customers to your site and drives action by building both authority and trust….

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