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How to Market Research on Twitter

How to Market Research on Twitter

Conducting market research on Twitter is a great way to discover the topics about which your current and potential customers are asking questions. And, once you've discovered what questions are being asked you can create great content to answer them. Then, once you've posted that great content, you can direct the folks asking the question to your site where the answer is waiting; as well as … [Read more...]

Social Media Sites: One Size Does Not Fit All

Social Media

Social media from the outside is one whole element that should make up part of your marketing strategy. However, when you dive into devising the tactics to implement your strategy, it becomes apparent, as with most things, that the sheer number of ways you can approach and implement your strategy is much more fragmented and […]

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Main Social Media Sites and Where to Start

Where to Start in Social Media

As a small business dips its toe into social media, the sheer volume of options is often overwhelming. Online marketer, Jessica Kupferman is here to lend a hand with a high-level view of the most popular social media sites as well as an introduction to which sites are best used for which purposes. Facebook Facebook […]

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3 Tools for a Successful Online Product Launch

Product Launch Success

I first met Melissa Dinwiddie on The Third Tribe and have since come to know and respect her know-how and drive to get things done. Below, she reveals the top 3 tools she used for bringing in traffic, and paying members, when she launched her new product online. Let me get one thing straight: I’m […]

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The “Guide to Twitter Chat” Edition

Twitter Chat

If you’ve ever been on Twitter and happen to catch a bunch of tweets which seem to be a conversation and use the same #hashtag, you’ve just experienced a Twitter chat. A Twitter chat is a scheduled (typically an hour) time when a group of Tweeps get together to discuss one particular subject whether it’s […]

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