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The “Connecting Offline Marketing with the Web” Edition

Matt About Business QR Code Post

I'm taking a break from the "Why You Should Run Your Business Online" series to bring you what many tout as the next big thing in marketing: QR codes. This post will help you understand what QR codes are, the many creative ways you can use them to market your business and finally, how to make them to use for yourself. 10,000-Foot View QR (stands for "quick response") codes have been around … [Read more...]

The “Online Tips for Offline Businesses” Edition

Online Marketing Tips for Offline Businesses

If you’re an offline or, “brick-and-mortar” business, I hope you’ve taken advantage of the enhanced marketing opportunities and tools found online this holiday season. If you have, the links below lead to helpful information to take your efforts further and make them more effective. If not, the links below may help inspire you to start […]

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Scooping Up Service Business Success with Free Social Media Tools

Scoop Poop

We first met Jolene Loetscher when she served as one of our marketing and PR pros in the post, “5 Successful Marketers Reveal Their Favorite Public Relations Tools“. While interviewing Jolene for that post, we got to talking about the side business that she and her husband Nate run, DooGooders, a pet waste removal company. […]

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What is an online business?

Online Business

It may seem odd to ask, “What is an online business?” in this day and age, but the question popped into my head about a month ago and won’t let go. Given what I do for a living, It’s not really difficult to understand why this question is following me around however, I’m not one […]

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Why brick-and-mortar businesses must have a website that sells

Brick and Mortar

I’ve built websites online for small businesses for over 10 years now and over that time, I’ve often encountered resistance when trying to sell a website package to a brick-and-mortar business. I can’t blame them really. Up until recently, it was OK for brick-and-mortars to either have a mediocre website or to have no site […]

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