How to Build a Business Website

Building a WebsiteOne of the first things a business does when it steps online is figure out how to build a business website.

Many businesses end up paying someone to build their business website however, small business owners often pay too much for a website which does not work effectively to market their business and convert visitors to customers.

That’s why I want to introduce you to online solutions that enable you to build and manage an effective website for less time and money than you ever though possible, even if you have little or no technical skills!

In this guide, I’ve focused on 3 types of websites. In the posts linked to below, I’ve listed the top online solutions for building each type of website. In addition, each post contains a video which will walk you through my picks and explain why they made the list.

Building Your Website

The solutions featured in each post were selected using three criteria:

  1. Features and functionality,
  2. Ease-of-use (i.e. little-to-no tech skills needed), and
  3. Price.
  1. Jack-of-All Trades Websites – these solutions are aimed at those who would like a good general website; not just a blog nor just an e-commerce store. These solutions provide both of those features and more, but not as deeply as do the specialized solutions for both blogs and online storefronts.
  2. Blog Sites – These days, telling the difference between a general website and a blog can be pretty hard. However, the place that blogs shine remains true to the core reason they were invented in the first place: they are a spot to update with news, thoughts, announcements and more while at the same time allowing readers to respond and even discuss things among themselves.
  3. Storefront Sites – You’ve got a lot to sell. Many products. Many variations. A regular website won’t cut it; neither will a blog. You need a storefront. Storefronts are website solutions that focus on e-commerce.

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