Content Marketing

Inbound Marketing with ContentInbound marketing, and content marketing in particular, is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website.

That’s because search engines love great content and, if you deliver, they will raise your site rank and move you up higher in their search results.

Other sites also love great content and will direct traffic your way by linking to your posts and articles.

The links below will help you get started using content for inbound marketing. They also provide lots of ideas and inspiration.

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Content Marketing Overview

These posts contain the foundational knowledge you need to understand inbound marketing with content:

 Content Creation Tips, Ideas and Inspiration

Creating content for a site is, for many businesses, often the hardest part of this approach. Here are some ways to get past the content creation hurdle so you can begin driving traffic your way:

Driving Traffic to Your Site with Content

Once you have created your content and added it to your site, you need to let folks know that it’s there. Search engine sites will pick up your new pages automatically, but you can extend the reach of your efforts greatly by following these tips:

Proof in the Pudding

Finally, the 2 posts below demonstrate how I use the tips above to successfully drive traffic to this site using content:

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