The “Sell Your Expertise” Edition

Sell Your Expertise Online

One of the least expensive items to sell online is your expertise. You already have have it, there are likely folks who want it and, perhaps most  importantly, you have a great way to deliver it via the Internet. Or do you? Delivery of expertise online, especially if you want to get paid for it, […]

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10 Things I Learned While Successfully Creating an Online Blog

Creating an Online Blog

I’ve always enjoyed using transitional times such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays as spots to stop and reflect. New Years is an especially reflective time for me. It may be cliche’, but I find myself getting caught up in evaluating my experiences from the previous year and in setting goals for the coming one. 2010 […]

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5 successful marketers reveal their favorite public relations tools

Public Relations Tools

These days, there are a lot of public relations tools online; perhaps too many. Aside from the online equivalents of traditional public relations tools such as media list, editorial calendar and press release services, there are also a plethora of social media sites, a cornucopia (sorry, Thanksgiving always brings that word back into my vocabulary) […]

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The “I Care About My Readers on Black Friday” Edition

Black Friday

(I’m publishing this a day early because the information becomes relevant at midnight tonight.) “Black Friday” is a great day to go shopping and find deals. Unfortunately, everyone else knows that, too! Because I care about you guys, my readers, I’ve found some handy (and funny) information online for surviving the sales and the crowds […]

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Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Resting Turkey

Hope you’re having a peaceful and reflective day!

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