"I worked with Matt to produce video/article reviews of various business courses and products, and it was a great experience. Matt is extremely tech savvy, knows his field inside and out, and is able to translate his ideas into understandable reality - not a common trait! I wholeheartedly recommend him for any online business related question."

- Kirsten Simmons

Multiple Passions

Brendan Kottenstette

“We hired Matt to help us find a tech solution, and were so impressed with his skills that we actually hired him to implement the solution he proposed. My real estate company needed a website which we could easily manage ourselves after setup. He suggested a Joomla! website platform, which was perfect for our needs. Then, we hired him to build the site for us, and we were up and running in no time! Hiring Matt was one of the best decisions we made when starting our real estate brokerage. From concept design to final output, Matt made a complex project quite simple, and the results were amazing. We now have a fully customizable website with dynamic content that we can access, update and modify in any way. As our business has developed, we have been able to redesign the site to keep up with our changing needs. Matt set the site up to be managed with minimal IT and zero programming skills, so we don't have to pay a programmer for every change to the site. We have been a loyal client ever since. Whenever we need a tech solution to meet our company's needs, we always talk to Matt first. His detailed knowledge has saved countless hours of researching, not to mention the time we would have wanted using the wrong technology. Matt comes with my highest recommendation for anyone in need of technology solutions for their business. Brendan Kottenstette DMD Chicago Realty”

- Brendan Kottenstette

DMD Chicago Realty

Ben Taylor

"I stumbled across Matt's  site, at the time called Leverage the Web, in 2010 when I was looking for freelance writing jobs. For a very reasonable price, Matt provided a downloadable tutorial that has helped me find part-time work since Day 1. Since re-branding as Matt About Business, his blogs, guides and commentaries are not only informative, but engaging and entertaining as well. The appealing way Matt presents information to his clients keeps me checking his site regularly as I form an online business of my own! I highly recommend Matt's products. Trust me, you'll not be sorry for doing business with him."

- Ben Taylor

Freelance Writer and Part-Time Faculty at Eastern Kentucky University

Bruce Brodeen

"I have to say Matt About Business has become not only one of my favorite blogs that I check religiously but most practical, useful and immediately beneficial. I’ve been selling online since 1995 so I know the hard work this field lays out for anyone working in the space and I *really* appreciate your dedication Matt to get things right and present such concise, quick/short and intensely researched info...You really stand apart from 99% of the biz blogs I come across. The info here is pure gold for anyone just starting out – If this kind of information was around when I started out two decades ago, the process would have been easier to navigate."

- Bruce Brodeen

Pop Geek Heaven

Sheila Scarborough

"When Matt sent an email at 3:48 in the morning that he wanted to make sure we knew about a possible quirk in our ecommerce software, I thanked the heavens that we'd hired him to work with us on the Tourism Currents website. We offer online training in social media for tourism. There are a reasonable number of moving parts when you combine our multi-part lessons, video content, ecommerce, blog and strong social presence. Matt responded quickly and professionally to our original RFP for a website overhaul; although his bid was not the least expensive one, we have been absolutely thrilled with his work. He is worth double and we'd pay that if we could! He always responds quickly to questions and problems, explains things in clear language, offers to hop on the phone if things don't make sense, and is a joy to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough; worth every penny and THEN some. Thanks for everything, Matt. You keep our digital doors open and the website lights on, day or night. So glad you're on our team."

- Sheila Scarborough

Tourism Currents

Andy Bui

"I had the priviledge of working with Matt building the platform for SchoolTown. I was very impressed with his ability to connect the user views with the technical tools it takes to make the user experience on the web more productive and enjoyable. I consider Matt to be a Internet pioneer with his innovations always many steps ahead of the current Web environment."

- Andy Bui

School Town

Michelle Jaffee

“I had the pleasure of meeting Matt Mansfield after I won a Grand Prize for the 2011 Pitney Bowes Small Business Makeover. Matt was one of the small biz experts assigned to my company to take an honest look, make recommendations and work with me to implement the recommendations. Matt's low key style, common sense approach and ability to explain techie stuff really well made for a fantastic session. He helped me better and clearly understand how my online presence translates to the day-to-day (offline) operation of my small baking business. Over the next few months, I will be implementing many of his suggestions as I get my e-commerce site up and running and continue to work to improve my blog. Many of the changes are subtle, but I'm finding that many small changes for my biz are adding up to something great! If you are a client or potential client, I recommend staying in touch with Matt by Facebook and/or Twitter. I find his posts very helpful - they often reinforce what he discussed with me during our session. And it's a great way to stay current."

- Michelle Jaffee

Sweet & Simple

Riv Lynch

“Matt is definitely an expert in his field. He's incredibly knowledgeable in areas that to me were so complicated. But he was able to present it in a way that made sense. Matt created a website that provided all the elements to help grow my business.”

- Riv Lynch

Sacred Spaces

James M. Lynch

“Matt is the consummate professional, shooting ideas out of his fingertips like lightning bolts and somehow knowing the 'next big thing' before everyone else. It's like working with a team of people and it's just one man. He built two sites for me and he never stopped tweaking or improving them. The work he did had me landing on front page results then and I still do now! No kidding, work with Matt!”

- James M. Lynch

JM Lynch Training & Consulting

Brad Akers

“My firm contracted Matt to find us a new platform for the online solutions we provide to our clients. Our objective was to replace the current solution we had and replace it with one that's more functional, efficient, and easy to use. Matt was very aggressive in searching for all options that came closest to meeting our criteria. After reviewing and testing these options, Matt made a strong recommendation as to which one was best for us. I was particularly impressed with Matt's ability to ask the right questions to better understand our needs. He also showed tremendous knowledge of the industry and resourcefulness. Finally, Matt's a very personable and positive person who's easy to work with and who's clearly passionate about his work. Matt moves forward in his career with my highest recommendation."

- Brad Akers

Tip-Top Branding


"After years in journalism and at corporate writing jobs, I was hesitant to jump into the freelance market when I was laid off. In just a short time, Matt was able to show me a number of sites that not only listed freelance jobs, but had many, many listings in my specialty area all of which I could bid on immediately using each site's easy-to-use online process. I never even knew these sites existed let alone how to find the right requests and bid. Matt really kick-started my freelance career!"

- Elaine Herscher

Freelance Writer/Editor/Multimedia Producer

Henry Lewkowicz

"When I reached to Matt for some advice on business and technical aspects of my new technology Matt gave me very practical pointers. His technical expertise combined with great knowledge of practical technology and business applications makes him an insightful adviser. Matt is creative, engaging and a great person to have in your team."

- Henry Lewkowicz

Context Discovery Inc.

Billie Wells

"Matt was really awesome! I had a problem to solve in my WordPress site for a special sale and he answered my cry for help right away - and at night. He was friendly and figured it out right away. Great service, made it a pleasure!"

- Billie Wells

Army Dad

"We picked Matt to handle our complex membership site, because he had experience with exactly the setup we needed. He was able to vastly improve the performance and the appearance of our site. He did it quickly, and he was very easy to work with. I don't hesitate to recommend him."

- Becky McCray

Tourism Currents


"I needed to send an e-mail newsletter to a mailing list that I had in Excel and didn't have the faintest idea where to start. I was trying to set the whole thing up in Outlook, and was not really getting anywhere. Matt helped me find the right tool online and got me up and running in no time! My first mailing looked great and was a success; it brought tons of visitors to both my site and another site which was featuring me."

- Cindy Loon


Holly Jackson

"I run a membership program, and the sign up process was eating up hours of my time. I don't like asking for help, but I finally broke down and talked to Matt. Within half an hour he had not only managed to comprehend my jumbled non-technical description of the problem, but also managed to find me three or four solutions. He took me through them patiently, all while managing to not make me feel like a five year old in the process. Next time, I'll hire Matt and just skip the panic. If technology makes you feel like you're back in kindergarten, Matt is absolutely your guy."

- Holly Jackson

Cottage Copy and Consulting

Robert Udowitz

"When it was time to build a website for my new business, I wanted a cost-effective solution that I could manage personally which also provided a professional appearance and robust functionality (such as social media and search engine optimization). From the start, Matt took me through each step while clearly explaining all my options. He helped me select the right solution and ensured the greatest success for my launch. I have Matt to thank for the overwhelming response I've had to the rollout of my new company."

- Robert Udowitz

RFP Associates

John McCurdy

"Matt has the unique ability to translate / communicate complex IT subjects in a meaningful way."

- John McCurdy

Marketing Director


"When I sneeze I reach for a tissue, when I'm thirsty I get a glass of water, when I want an answer on about how to navigate the online world, I call Matt. He is a one stop directory for all the online questions, needs and troubleshooting I need to do for my business, as well as my clients. Not only does he possess an expansive grasp on all the online resources available for small business, he is able to explain the how and why of using them in easy to understand and simple ways"

- Laura Petrolino

Flying Pig Communications

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