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Do You Know What Your Business SHOULD be Doing Online?

Answering that question will save your business time, money and lots of frustration!

Learn how to figure out what your business SHOULD be doing online!

When it comes to using the web for business, perhaps no question is as discussed (and argued) as:

“What should my business be doing online?”

The truth is that there’s no cookie-cutter answer to this question which is why I blog about how small businesses can use the web to get business done.

My goal is to help you discover:

  • What your business CAN do online and
  • What your business NEEDS to do in order to reach its goals so that
  • You can figure out what your business SHOULD be doing online!

About Matt

Matt MansfieldMatt Mansfield is the President of Matt About Business where he helps entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies create powerful content that drives targeted online traffic month-after-month.

A dedicated content marketing evangelist, Matt is the author of, “The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing for Small Businesses”. He is also busily adding to a growing number of online courses and eBooks, each of which will help you learn why, how, when and where to create and use one specific type of content. Find out more on his “Learn with Me” page.

Matt’s content has been featured on sites such as the American Express OPEN Forum, the SCORE Small Business Blog and Pitney Bowes’ pbSmart™ Essentials blog as well as many others (view links to his published content).

Matt writes about small business topics over at the Matt About Business blog and about content marketing on the 1000+ Online Content Ideas for Your Business blog so come on by and say, “Hi!”

Matt lives in the suburbs North of Chicago with his wife, four kids, one dog, three fish and many, many books.