Why You Should Run Your Business Online 9:
Business Integration

Business Integration BenefitsThis is the ninth post of the “Why You Should Run Your Business Online” series. If you have not yet read the previous posts, head back to the beginning to catch up.

So far in this series, we’ve learned a lot about the benefits that you can reap by running your small business online.

However, the next value component is the one that makes all the others work. What’s more, it has some great benefits of its own as well!

Value Component 8: Business Integration

Connectivity and integration is part of the mix because you are running your business online in the cloud.

The World’s Biggest Network

Yes, the Internet is the world’s biggest network.

All of the computers and mobile devices which connect to the Internet connect their users as well.

All of the computers and mobile devices which connect to the Internet connect their users as well.

That connectivity makes some of the benefits of running your business online a reality by:

  1. Enabling you to manage you schedule and to-dos, time and place, much more flexibly and powerfully
  2. Giving you the ability to implement new, streamlined business processes
  3. Centralizing management and reporting

But there’s one more benefit which we have yet to discuss: business integration.

Plays Well With Others

With the connectivity that the Internet provides, your SAAS solutions can communicate with other businesses online.

With the connectivity that the Internet provides via its many pipes and networks, your SAAS solutions can communicate with other businesses online.

This enables a whole lot of automation and process management improvements to take place!

Some examples:

  • Your online bookkeeping software allows you to set up connections with your bank to download account statements, transfer funds, pay bills and receive payments.
  • Your online to-do list application connects with your online (and even offline) calendar to help you develop an at-a-glance view of your schedule and to-dos that are always up to date.
  • Your website automatically adds someone to the appropriate SAAS e-mail marketing list whenever someone registers.
The business integration possibilities are truly endless.

The business integration possibilities are truly endless; each one enabling you to do more with less so you can continue in your quest to delight your customers and find new clients.

Join me next time for the 9th, and final, value component and more examples of the advantages of running your business online.


  1. Hi Matt,

    Some month earlier, I was at the place of thinking about the benefits of continuing certain business activities on the desktop vs. moving them to SaaS. I wish I’d come across your series sooner — which is excellent, by the way — while I was wrestling with those decisions.

    I finally decided to move my project management activities and invoicing online.

    • Thanks for your kind words and welcome to the cloud Vernessa!

      How was your experience in moving online and how have you found the cloud once you got there?


      • Hey Matt,

        Thanks for asking . . . I’m getting up to speed on the project management app and bringing my clients along in it. (Clients are seriously impressed!) Satisfied with the one I eventually selected and planning to write up a review on it.

        The online invoicing system is really nice. It has most of what I need and I’ve been using it almost daily. One thing I really like is the estimating feature because it saves me some double work. I did pen a review on it and included what I consider not-quite-there. The developers are pretty responsive so I’m hoping to see it only get better with time.

        BTW – Almost missed your reply but happened to still have this page open. Caught it when I did a refresh. Would you consider adding a “subscribe to comments” plugin so commenters can follow the threads? I gotta stay close to this great stuff you’re sharing! 🙂

        • Sounds like a great experience both times, Vernessa!

          What ya’ use? Huh? What? I want names! 🙂

          As to the comment subscribe, good point! I’ll get right on it!


          • Ah, Matt … You want my secrets, eh? Ok, ok, I give!

            Online Invoicing? No secret! Read the review (in my CommentLuv link below) and sign up for a FREE account which puts you in the Giveaway (3 months paid subscription). 🙂

            Project Management? I’m luving TeamWorkPM. Give it whirl … Grab their free 30-day trial which is not crippled, fully-functional, a sensible app … and worth those few bucks you pay at the end. Within a week, I plan to put up a comprehensive review, and I’ll include a spreadsheet of all the cloudy PM services I slogged through along with a blank template so folk can do their own hunt/ comparison/ selection dance.

            Let me know how you get on with these. Hey, you’re fast! I’m subscribing to comments! 😀

  2. Matt, I’m new to your site and saw you on The Sales Lion comment threads. I dig your design, it pulled me in!

    Anyway, I’m late to this series so I have to catch up but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read so far (this and a couple guest posts).




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