Why Use Online Software?

Why Run Your Business Online?Using online software (solutions and tools for accounting, project management, social media, collaboration, website creation and much, much more) to manage and market your small business not only saves you tons of time and money, it also allows you to change the way you do business so you can be much more efficient and effective.

“Can you tell me exactly how using online software does all that; in plain English and with examples?”

To answer this question (which I am often asked), I wrote the “10 Reasons Why You Should Manage and Market Your Business Online” series which you can find below.

After reading this series, you will understand the “Running Your Business Online Value Statement” and the 9 “Value Components” which, when taken together, make up that statement.

10 Reasons Why You Should Manage and Market Your Business Online

  1. Cloud and Software as a Service Benefits
  2. Time Management
  3. Process Management
  4. Workplace Flexibility
  5. Asynchronous Collaboration
  6. Cost Cutting
  7. Try Before You Buy
  8. Quicker Setup and Faster Learning Curve
  9. Business Integration
  10. Personal Benefits

Security Concerns?

The #1 push-back to using online solutions are concerns about security.

I address those concerns directly in “The Elephant in the Cloud – How Safe is Your Data?”.

Need a Introduction to the Cloud?

If you’re not familiar with “The Cloud”, head on over and watch this video where I give an overview of what it is and why we call it that.

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