What Your Business SHOULD Be Doing Online

What Your Business SHOULD Be Doing Online

When it comes to the web and business, perhaps no question is as discussed (and argued) as:

“What should my business be doing online?”

The truth is that there’s no cookie-cutter answer to this question which is why Matt About Business is dedicated to helping both entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies find the answer that is right for their business; the answer that will enable them to achieve their goals.

The “What your business SHOULD be doing online” Formula

The key to my approach is a formula which, when followed, walks you through the process of answering the question again and again:

What you CAN do online / What you NEED to do =
What your company SHOULD be doing online

Managing and marketing your business using the web is key to the formula. Want to know why? Check out this small business guide:

Want to learn more? Over the four posts below, I dive deeper into the formula and how I use it to help my clients achieve success.

  1. Not Sure What Your Business Should be Doing Online? Follow this Formula!
  2. Do You Know what Your Business CAN Do Online?
  3. How to Figure Out What Your Business NEEDS to Do
  4. What SHOULD Your Business Be Doing Online?

What’s Next?

Those four posts were not nearly enough space to introduce you to all the ins-and-outs of making the formula work for your business. That’s why I add new and useful content to Matt About Business each and every week!

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