The Elephant in the Cloud – How Safe is Your Data?

Data Security

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down (on Skype of course) and talk with Jim Raffel, CEO of ColorMetrix Technologies, LLC and a longtime online citizen. Besides being a heck of a nice guy, Jim is a fount of knowledge about running a business and using the Web to get things done. We covered […]

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The “Guide to Twitter Chat” Edition

Twitter Chat

If you’ve ever been on Twitter and happen to catch a bunch of tweets which seem to be a conversation and use the same #hashtag, you’ve just experienced a Twitter chat. A Twitter chat is a scheduled (typically an hour) time when a group of Tweeps get together to discuss one particular subject whether it’s […]

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You Choose: “Tyranny of choice” or “Limited Selection”?


I read a thought-provoking article, “The tyranny of choice: You choose” over at the Economist today. The tagline of the article reads, “If you can have everything in 57 varieties, making decisions becomes hard work” and from that launching point you are taken through a fascinating examination of the reactions a human being experiences when […]

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Secrets of a Twitter Networking Guru

Twitter Networking Guru

If you’ve known me professionally for any length of time, you have likely heard me mention my good friend Heidi Massey. Massey is my Twitter coach for business and, while I may be biased, I don’t believe that there’s anyone better. I defend that position with the following two points: Using Twitter as her networking […]

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Holly Jackson Reveals the Right Writing Tool for Writers

What's In Your Toolbox?

When I started my writing company, I took pride in being one of those traditional writers who got inspired through the pen meets paper part of the process. I bought those expensive moleskines and Japanese fountain pens, and proudly told anyone who asked that software for creative people was a complex fix to a basic problem.

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The “Christmas Online” Edition

Christmas Online

Well it’s Christmas Eve and, if you’re not on vacation yet, you’ll be on your way soon. A lot of folks aim to stay offline during this time of the year however, with all the great spots online, that might prove to be a mistake. Sure, you don’t have to work (but if you can’t […]

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Even My Wife Likes My Blog

The Family

I don’t typically talk much about my family on this blog. There’s no particular reason for this. I mean, I love my family. Between my wife, our 4 kids and me (not to mention my in-laws who moved in with us last February), we have a boisterous, rip-roaring household here and, while I sometimes use […]

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