Online Solutions for Building an E-Commerce Site

Solutions for Building a WebsiteYou’ve got a lot to sell. Many products. Many variations. A regular website won’t cut it; neither will a blog.

You need a storefront.

Storefronts are website solutions that focus on e-commerce. They offer robust functionality such as the ability to manage inventory, support multiple product variations, offer special sale prices, handle returns and refunds and so much more.

In the video below, I’ve featured three types of solutions:

  1. Storefronts: ranging from very robust and capable to more simple approaches, these solutions give you a site where you can sell your stuff and even integrate with your online systems (such as a multitude of spots to have your products listed) as well as offline systems (so you can manage details such as inventory whether the sale happens online or off).
  2. Dropshipping: these solutions allow you to gather products from many vendors to create a store that can specialize in selling one type of product or selling products that are discounted and more. You take the orders, the vendors handle the shipping, returns and more (nice, eh?). You can also BE a vendor at these sites, making your products available to a big network of resellers.
  3. Selling Art and Design: whether you create physical art or design on a computer, these sites help you sell your creative products to the world. I even show you one neat way I used a solution to offer quotes on a number of different types of clothing.

If you are a member of Matt About Solutions, links to each of the solutions can be found under the video.

So get out your registers; it’s time to start selling!

Note: For a larger view, click on the box in the lower-right of the video after it starts to view it in full-screen mode.

Links to Featured Solutions


  1. BigCommerce
  2. Volusion
  3. Jimdo


  1. Shopster
  2. Zlio

Selling Art and Design

  1. Big Cartel
  2. CafePress
  3. Zazzle

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