Online Solutions for Building a Blog

Solutions for Building a WebsiteThese days, telling the difference between a general website and a blog can be pretty hard.

That’s because the online blogging solutions have grown much more robust over the years and can now handle many of the things your run-of-the-mill site can like static pages (such as an “About” page) and even e-commerce.

But the place that blogs shine remains true to the core reason they were invented in the first place: they are a spot to update with news, thoughts, announcements and more while at the same time allowing readers to respond and even discuss things among themselves.

The video below discusses two solutions which are really one solution that you can follow in a progression (getting your feet wet and then diving in) or you can take the plunge right away.

You can use either solution below as:

  1. An add-on blog for a website you already have in place,
  2. A brand new blog where you will open a channel with customers, vendors and associates online, or
  3. A totally stand-alone site with tons of features and functionality (in fact, Matt About Business is built on top of the second solution featured).

Note: links to both solutions can be found under the video.

So get out your writing pads; it’s time to start communicating!

Note: For a larger view, click on the box in the lower-right of the video after it starts to view it in full-screen mode.

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    Online Solutions for Building a Blog…

    This video discusses two online solutions for building and managing your blog even if you have little or no technical skills….

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