What is Business Automation?

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The Benefits of Business AutomationAs you may know, I am a big proponent of managing and marketing your business using the web. One of the primary advantages you gain by doing so is the ability to automate or delegate less important tasks, both of which allow you to work more efficiently and focus on your most important tasks.

In other words: managing and marketing your
business using the web is a labor-saving approach.

Given that, and in honor the upcoming Labor Day holiday, this edition of Matt About Friday is dedicated to helping answer to the question, “What is business automation?” and to teaching you labor-saving approaches and solutions that will allow you to use automation in your business.

The links below lead to posts which talk about either labor-saving approaches, labor-saving solutions or both.

Enjoy and, have a safe and fun holiday!

Put Your Business on Auto-Pilot with SaaS Applications – a basic overview of why using Software as a Service (SAAS) solutions to automate your business can help you achieve your goals.

5 Free Tools that Automate Your Business – a solid list; I use many of these myself.

Automate Your Small Business In 5 Easy Steps – actionable steps to take to make yourself more efficient using online solutions.

3 Ways Your Website Can Automate Your Small Business – an interesting look at how your website can become a hub of business automation.

Six Ways to Get More Exposure for Your Blog – time-saving tools and tips to publicize your blog through social media.

Outsourcing to Automate your Small Business – this post reveals the benefits of outsourcing as a labor-saving solution.

Automation, the small business marketer’s friend – a bit older that than the other links on this list, the approach and tools are still valid today.

Marketing automation is a hot topic, especially in the small business space. Here are a couple of useful links on that topic:

Could Your Small Business Benefit From Marketing Automation? – a good introduction to the subject of marketing automation and its benefits.

Marketing Automation Moves Down – a look at the increasing use of marketing automation by small-to-medium sized businesses. Included within the post is a handy infographic.

Weekly Link Roundup

Weekly Link RoundupEach week, I collect the 10 best posts that I’ve read and share them with you here.

These posts focus on small business solutions or resources online (or both!).


9 Reasons Why Your Content Is Not Shared on Social Networks: New Research: If you’re not seeing folks share your content, this post explains why in plain, everyday English and includes actionable takeaways for each reason.

5 Vanity Metrics to Stop Measuring (And Better Alternatives): A very interesting look at how the numbers most folks focus on when measuring their marketing effectiveness are not the right ones to learn the real story.

Search Optimization Is Still Part of Social Media Marketing: Is search engine optimization (SEO) still important? You bet! Here’s why.

Livestreaming: A Great Marketing Tool For Every Business: Wish you could get your business featured on TV? Here’s the next best thing.

Spending Wisely on Technology: An important article to which I would add – using online solutions is one of the best ways to get the right features at the right time for the right price.

The New, New Rules of Business Marketing: I like the 3 points made in this post, especially the third.

5 Popular WordPress Plugins You Need to Ditch Now!: Looking to speed up your WordPress blog, or just make it more focused and effective? Dumping these plugins may help you reach your goal.

Facebook Geotargeting Draws 500,000 Fans for Small Biz: I love case studies which demonstrate exactly how an approach was implemented. This is a great one about Facebook.

One of the articles below says more content, the other says less but higher-quality content – I guess it should be more and better content! Good luck!

Online Marketing Truth: More Content Equals More Leads: A good argument for the value of content marketing.

How to Market in the Attention Economy: This post contains a podcast which urges content creators to focus on quality over quantity.


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