How To Design an App for Your Business

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How To Design an App for Your BusinessLike many of you, I’ve considered creating an app for my business.

Offering an app has always seemed to be a great way to add one more powerful channel to my marketing arsenal and to finally breach the new mobile frontier.

Like some of you, I’ve looked into having someone build an app for me and shied away from the price.

Unlike many of you, I tried to buy a book and a Mac so I could figure out how to build apps on my own. I’ve always been a competent programmer and thought I’d be able to make my own way. Turns out I was wrong.

So, for a long time my app lust went unfulfilled.

Unfulfilled that is until yesterday when I opened my inbox and saw an offer from Appsumo, my latest dirty little habit (their tagline is “Daily Deals for Web Geeks” and if you’re like me, their deals are like discount crack to an addict).

Yesterday’s deal was the key to opening the door to finally getting my own app and that key is called “Bizness Apps“.

Bizness Apps allows you to build your own app online. You do not need to know how to code. You do not need to be a designer. You design and build your app via web forms and drag-and-drop and then Bizness Apps publishes the app to the the iTunes app store for you.

You can create an app for the iPhone and for the iPad. You can also create Android versions of your app and publish that to the Android app store.

I signed-up for my own account yesterday, even though I likely will not put out an app until my book is complete; the Appsumo deal was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Time’s Running Out!

If you want to create your own app, I urge you to give Bizness Apps free trial a test-run.

If you like it, you’ve still got a couple of days to take advantage of the Appsumo deal which gives you all the Bizness Apps features for a year at 63% off the list price.

Even if you do not take advantage of this great discount opportunity, or if you are reading this when the time for the deal has passed, you should give Bizness Apps a try. It really is the first, and currently the best, way of fulfilling your “How to Design an App for Your Business” need.

Have fun and, if you do give it a spin, please let me know how it goes in the comments below!

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