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Become a Content Curator to Build Your Social Media Presence

Content Curation

One of the best social media lessons I ever learned came from my good friend Laura Petrolino. Laura taught me that by becoming a content curator (i.e. regularly gathering and sharing links to useful articles and posts) for my social media followers and fans, I would be able to steadily grow my social media presence. In turn, Laura taught, my increased social media presence would lead to more … [Read more...]

The “Guide to Twitter Chat” Edition

Twitter Chat

If you’ve ever been on Twitter and happen to catch a bunch of tweets which seem to be a conversation and use the same #hashtag, you’ve just experienced a Twitter chat. A Twitter chat is a scheduled (typically an hour) time when a group of Tweeps get together to discuss one particular subject whether it’s […]

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Secrets of a Twitter Networking Guru

Twitter Networking Guru

If you’ve known me professionally for any length of time, you have likely heard me mention my good friend Heidi Massey. Massey is my Twitter coach for business and, while I may be biased, I don’t believe that there’s anyone better. I defend that position with the following two points: Using Twitter as her networking […]

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Scooping Up Service Business Success with Free Social Media Tools

Scoop Poop

We first met Jolene Loetscher when she served as one of our marketing and PR pros in the post, “5 Successful Marketers Reveal Their Favorite Public Relations Tools“. While interviewing Jolene for that post, we got to talking about the side business that she and her husband Nate run, DooGooders, a pet waste removal company. […]

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