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What You Can Learn About Marketing From American Idol

American Idol

Steve Faber gives us the scoop on the power of customer-driven product development (i.e. creating products your customers want!).

Imagine this for a second: you’re about to market a new product, but want to make sure what your customer base really wants. A good strategy, that. Too many marketers do the reverse.

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Your Subscribers Are Not Your Friends

Your Subscribers are Not Your Friends!

You know that guy who forwards everything he gets to his entire list — everything from political rants and virus warnings to urban legends and pictures of kittens dressed up like people? How often do you actually open those forwards? Yeah, that’s right.  Never. Ok, well, almost never. Every once in a while that guy […]

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5 Essential Elements to Creating Killer Email

5 Essential Elements to Creating Killer Email

You might have the most rocking, awesome, value-packed email ever to hit mail servers. You can slave over content, image placement, and call to action. But what does it matter if no one opens it? When your email lands in your recipient’s inbox you have just a few seconds before they chooses to open it […]

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Main Social Media Sites and Where to Start

Where to Start in Social Media

As a small business dips its toe into social media, the sheer volume of options is often overwhelming. Online marketer, Jessica Kupferman is here to lend a hand with a high-level view of the most popular social media sites as well as an introduction to which sites are best used for which purposes. Facebook Facebook […]

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3 Tools for a Successful Online Product Launch

Product Launch Success

I first met Melissa Dinwiddie on The Third Tribe and have since come to know and respect her know-how and drive to get things done. Below, she reveals the top 3 tools she used for bringing in traffic, and paying members, when she launched her new product online. Let me get one thing straight: I’m […]

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The “Connecting Offline Marketing with the Web” Edition

Matt About Business QR Code Post

I’m taking a break from the “Why You Should Run Your Business Online” series to bring you what many tout as the next big thing in marketing: QR codes. This post will help you understand what QR codes are, the many creative ways you can use them to market your business and finally, how to […]

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