Book Review: The New Small

The New Small

By Phil Simon

If you’ve read my blog, you likely know that I am a huge proponent of enabling small businesses through technology. Unfortunately, so many of the “why-dos” and “how-tos” that you find in books like these are not connected to the real world. You either get high-level vagueness or low-level, step-by-step details; you never get to see the concepts in action in real life.

And that’s just where “The New Small” hits it out of the ballpark. Every concept and approach in this book is demonstrated through real-world use. It’s these kinds of example case studies that connect with small business owners and make the possibilities and opportunities come alive.

I highly recommend this book for those who want to see how concepts such as cloud computing (online software) and social media work successfully in the real world.


Product Description

A small seafood restaurant attracts new customers with virtually no marketing budget. An iPad case manufacturer generates more than $1M in revenue in four months with only four employees. A voiceover company is able to connect thousands of artists with opportunities, all without expensive hardware and software. A law firm increases access to key information while dramatically reducing technology-related costs and risks.

And these four companies are hardly unique. A new breed of small businesses is using Software as a Service (SaaS), free and open source software, social media and networks, mobility, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies to do things simply not possible even five years ago. In The New Small, you’ll discover how these companies creatively and intelligently use technology to:
  • Reach new customers
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase internal collaboration and communication
  • Create flexible work environments

Rife with profiles from a wide variety of industries, The New Small offers pragmatic advice and lessons about how small businesses are harnessing the power of emerging technologies. It’s a must-read for small business owners-and those thinking about starting their own shops.


  1. I’ve seen this book mentioned a few times Matt. It looks a really useful book for small businesses owners.

    Thanks for sharing.



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    Book Review: The New Small…

    If you’re a proponent of enabling small businesses through technology, then The New Small by Phil Simon should be the next book on your reading list. Read The New Small review….

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